About Us
graduated from the Montessori program in Brighton and many of
the area's public school students on the honor roll are alumni of
Brighton Montessori School.

Today, BMS remains the only private non-profit Montessori school
in Brighton for children ages two and a half to six. The school is  
fully licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services,
Division of Child Care, and operated by a committed group of
teachers, parents and community members who work together to
provide a safe and stimulating learning environment.

Brighton Montessori School offers children a unique opportunity
to grow in an environment that:

the child to select and participate freely in activities
and makes it easy for the child to learn social as well as academic

Helps the child become a unique individual with self direction,
inner discipline, and a sense of responsibility.

Nurtures self-confidence and self-esteem through daily

Promotes healthy physical and social development.

Fulfills the child’s need for independence and encourages
good decisions.

Our Mission
The mission of Brighton Montessori School is to nurture respect,
responsibility and achievement; facilitate personal empowerment;
and develop lifelong learning attitudes and skills, using the
Montessori method of education for individuals of early childhood

Our Vision
The vision of Brighton Montessori School is to become a regional
leader in providing the highest quality Montessori education, under
the guidance of certified teachers, in an environment that
encourages each child to achieve his or her full potential.